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6 Ways to Discover the Best Tutor on Thumbtack

Thumbtack, math tutors 6 ways

Is your son or daughter having trouble with math? Have you tried to help, but it just becomes frustrating? Now you’re ready to find a math tutor. Thumbtack has been recommended to you and you go online and fill out a tutoring request. Within a few minutes you have as many as 5 tutors sending you quotes. Now your work begins. How do you discover the best math tutor on Thumbtack?

Before you go to Thumbtack:

1) Make sure you know what subject in math your son or daughter is taking currently. If you are not sure and fill in all the math categories like Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, you will get all types of math tutors. They won’t necessarily be a good fit for the subject in math that you need help. So, if it is Geometry, just fill in Geometry and no other categories. This will improve your chances of finding a qualified tutor.

2) Decide if you want to have tutoring online or in person. Again, this is about picking the right tutor for your job. If you specify both, you may get 5 pros that only do in person and you want online. Since only 5 Pros can give you quotes, the rest of the tutors that might be right for you will be bumped out.

After you posted your request:

3) The quotes will come in very fast, so be prepared for that. Because they come in quickly, does not mean that you have to decide quickly. Take your time. Don’t just pick the first person that sends you a quote. I would let all 5 pros send you a quote and then view all of them. After you view a quote, you have access to all the tutors profiles. There will be a lot of information there. Reviews are a good place to start. If there are no reviews, it doesn’t mean they are a bad tutor. More than likely it means they are new to Thumbtack. If a tutor has reviews, look them over, read what the parents said about them.

4) If you find the reviews helpful, then it will probably be time to contact the tutors you want more information from. For instance, if there is no price, you can ask them the rate. If you need to know how they tutor or if they have experience in whatever math subject you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask them. They are used to the questions and they will readily respond. If they don’t answer you back within a couple of hours, I would assume they are not really interested and I’d move on to another tutor.

5) Now it’s time to make a decision. There will be a wide range of prices quoted to you. You will need to decide what you can afford and whether qualifications are more important. A more expensive tutor is likely more qualified to tutor and probably has a lot of experience tutoring. If you are lucky enough to find a real math teacher then you have probably hit the jackpot. Just because someone is more expensive, doesn’t mean it will cost you more. An experienced tutor or teacher has many more tools to assess where your child is and how he learns best. They can teach to the student’s learning style. This speeds up drastically how long it will take to get your child up to speed in the math. A less expensive tutor may be cheaper, but he may only know one way to do a problem. This may not be the way your child learns best. So, you will have to decide the happy balance between price and experience.

6) Once you pick your tutor, it’s time to get everything set up. Once you decide on a tutor, you should mark them as hired. This is a courtesy to the other tutors and they will stop trying to win you over. Make sure you have an email for them. Once you hire a tutor, you will not need to be on Thumbtack any longer and you can directly communicate with them. Depending on the tutor, you may just agree on a time and place to tutor, or if it is online tutoring the tutor may ask you to fill out a registration form. Let the tutor know when you are available for tutoring and get that first session booked.

So finding a good tutor is very easy to do with Thumbtack. Picking the best fit for your budget and experience will ensure you have found the best math tutor for your son or daughter. Remember you are the client, and the tutors work for you. Just keep a good line of communication open, and everything should work out easily for you. Now go put that request in for the tutor and good luck!

If you found this blog helpful, please feel free to share it. My name is Terri Grigsby. I do online math tutoring. I am accepting new students, check out my website at, look around, and book a tutoring session. If you have any questions, you can always contact me on my website or at

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