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Where did the name TAG Tutoring come from?

When I was teaching in the classroom for over 29 years, I would walk around the room while the students worked on a particular problem I'd given them.  When there would be a lull, I would speak up and out and say that I was a TAG student when I was your age.  At that point, all the students would look at me.   I could tell they were sizing me up by their confused looks on their faces.  After a nice long pause, I would say to them, "No one has ever accused me of being a Talented and Gifted student.  But my name is Terri Ann Grigsby."  Then we would all laugh.  I decided I wanted my name on this online tutoring business.  I decided to use TAG because it always makes me smile.  So now my job is to turn my students into TAG students too : )

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