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Read about TAG Tutoring from actual former students.

I'm going to tell anyone reading this right now that TAG Tutoring is the way to go! I've known Terri aka Ms. Grigsby for 15+ years and I can tell you she is by far the best math teacher/tutor you could ever ask for! I got lucky enough to walk into her classroom and blessed enough to have her walk through my high school math classes with me! She's incredible! No joke! She's patient. Kind. Brilliant and just has a way of teaching that is above and beyond!

                            Courtney Klum

I can't believe this.  I am so happy.  I couldn't have done it without you and your help.  I really appreciate all of the time that you spent helping me.  This is one of my biggest accomplishments.  I really can't believe this.  I am so happy that I didn't quit and I kept with this.  I have never worked so hard in a subject.  You are an amazing teacher.

                       Thomas Carlson

Thank you so much for a wonderful term.  I think I might actually enjoy math now.  Math is fun!  I never thought I'd say that.  You've helped me get over my math anxiety.  I really CAN do math !

            Dayne Wedeking

I found Terri from the PCC library’s bulletin board under math tutors. I randomly chose her info and I’m so glad that I did because Terri has been wonderful in helping me with my Pre-calculus course. She has a way of making math fun and easy to understand. I struggled from the very beginning with analyzing rational functions to log functions. I now have the basic foundation and understanding. She adapted methods of teaching to how I learn best and always took an extra step and made sure that I fully understood. She encouraged me and instilled confidence in me in math. I highly recommend Terri. She’s good at what she does and is really passionate about it.

                                             Lenore Saito

Thank you for teaching with care and competency this term.  I was so glad to receive your email and I also am appreciative of your affirming words.  I shared them with my mother.

                       David Fielding

It seems rare to find a teacher that maintains the level of enthusiasm, organization, time management and overall cheerful light-heartedness that you exude.  All while balancing your math knowledge with our lack thereof.  I confess, I probably wouldn't have gotten an "A" in this class with out your help.


                                   Rebecca Williams

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