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If you are in need of a tutor in another subject, I have compiled this list for you.  These are people I know and love.  I can highly recommend all of these fine tutors.

Victoria Burton.jpg

Hi there! Victoria here!


I am a wife, mom, certified teacher, online reading tutor, and an entrepreneur.


When a child is struggling to read, it impacts every aspect of their learning and weakens their self-confidence. With personalized online tutoring, I can help your child become a confident reader and close a year's reading gap with just 8-12 weeks of instruction. 


I am dedicated to helping children DISCOVER that they CAN overcome their struggle and   CONQUER reading!

Amelia Robinson.jpg

My name is Amelia Robinson.  My background includes teaching students from elementary through college level, starting with experiences in undergraduate (BS in Geology; BS in Natural Resources Management) to graduate school (MS in Geology; PhD in Geology) and as an Assistant Professor. I have several years of experience working with math and science students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia and processing problems.


Tutoring for elementary through high school will primarily focus on stimulating students' interests and proficiency in mathematics and sciences through the use of both interactive practice sessions and hands-on experiential activities. Each of the hands-on experiential activities will be geared toward a student's interests, learning strengths, skill level, and schedule. or

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