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License Plate Probability

Did you ever wonder how many license plates could be issued to cars with just one plate?  It's simple probability.

How do I cancel an algebra fraction?

Do you keep getting red marks all over your paper when you try to cancel a fraction with algebra?  Don't let the math police get you again.  Watch this tutorial on how to cancel correctly the easy way!

Are you looking for an online math tutor for your homeschooled son or daughter?

Has the math gotten out of control for your son or daughter?  Do you not really remember how to do Algebra or Geometry?  I can help.  I have 30 years of teaching experience, but I now tutor online.

Let's add some more interest to changing to Vertex Form of a quadratic equation. Part II

In this second video on changing from standard form to Vertex form of a quadratic equation, we look at equations that are a little trickier.  This time the equations will have a leading coefficient.  This just adds one more step.  We can conquer these quadratics.


How to change from Standard form to Vertex form of a quadratic. Part I

Your teacher asks you to change from Standard Form to Vertex form of a quadratic.  Now what do you do?  You watch this video to learn how to do it quickly and easily.  Learn how to change to vertex form with no leading coefficient.

Online Algebra Tutor - Terri Grigsby -

Get help with an online Algebra tutor, Terri Grigsby, owner of TAG Tutoring.  My 30-year experience teaching can help you learn all the tricks and tips of learning Geometry.  Let's do this together.  Let's conquer Geometry!

Online Geometry Tutor - Terri Grigsby -

Get Geometry tutoring online with Terri Grigsby, owner of TAG Tutoring.  I can help you sort out this new language of Geometry.  Let's do this.  Let's conquer Geometry!

The 12 Expressions of Math

Have you seen these math expressions in your class?  What stage are you in?  TAG Tutoring can change your math expression from Expression 1 to Expression 12.  You CAN do the math and I can help!  

Factoring Made Easy! A foolproof way to factor any Quadrilaterial.

If you're struggling with factoring, you have come to the right online math tutor.  There is no magic that happens.  There is no guessing which combination works.  This method shows you all the possibilities and makes it easy to get the quadrilateral into factored form.  This method is very comforting to people that have always had a hard time with the algebra of factoring.

Getting Ready for Our Tutoring Session

Before our first online math tutoring session, make sure to update CHROME.  This video will show you how to get into for our shared whiteboard and ZOOM to see each other.

Introduction to your online math tutor, Terri Grigsby

My name is Terri Grigsby, your online math tutor.  Let me introduce myself and explain my passion for helping students succeed in math.

Not sure that online math tutoring is right for you ?

Are you nervous about trying online math tutoring?  Let me tell you that everything you can do with in person tutoring you can do with online tutoring.  Plus, there is even more things and better ways to learn with online tutoring.

How to use our shared Whiteboard - BitPaper

Learn how we will do our online math tutoring with a whiteboard called BitPaper.  It's easy to learn and we both get to write on it.  This tutorial will show you how the whiteboard and all it's buttons work.  Then you'll be ready for our online math tutoring session.

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Solving Quadratics Equation by Factoring

Learn how to solve a Quadratic Equation by Factoring.  This is just the first method of solving any quadratic.  I'll walk you through a set of problems and show you how it all works.

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