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What Equipment Do I need for Online Tutoring?

To do online tutoring, you just need a computer.  You will need ZOOM on your computer, so if you haven't downloaded it you will need to load it on your computer.  When it's time for a session, I'll email you the ZOOM room number, you can double click on it, and we will both connect.  It also would be helpful for you to have earphones if it is noisy around you.  You will need a mouse to use to write on our whiteboard.  But, if you have an IPAD and a USB, you can get a stylus pen for about $15 dollars if you wish.  You can still use your mouse though.  Also, you will need your textbook every session, any homework you need to work on.  If you have any worksheets you want us to work on, you can scan them to me before we begin a session and then we can work on them together.

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