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How much does a tutoring session cost?

Tutoring costs $75 for PreAlgebra to PreCalculus per 55 minutes and $90 for Calculus for 55 minutes

Let's think about this.  You could pay this or higher going to a big tutoring company that employs a lot of tutors.  However, you won't always get the same tutor every time.  Many times the tutor is not someone that specializes or has taught math before.  That means you will be pouring your money into this big tutoring company, not getting the same tutor every time and it may take two to three times as long to master the math.

With me, I will quickly figure out your learning style.  Because I have taught for 30 years, I can quickly assess this and the best way to help you get up to speed on the areas of math you need to learn.  This is important because it means that I can tutor you for less time with bigger results.  My students typically raise their grade two levels with tutoring from me before we are done.

So the choice is simple, pay for a very experienced and qualified math teacher and learn quickly or pay a lot more for a longer period of time with a big tutoring company.  Wouldn't you like the personal touch a private tutor can give?

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