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How does Thumbtack work?

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Thumbtack is an app on your phone or a website on your computer where you view requests for work or services people need done. Then you respond to the requests that fit your ideal client. Think of it as a Help Wanted bulletin board. Here is an outline of how Thumbtack works from the perspective of a Pro. In this case I am looking for online math tutoring.

Thumbtack Rules:

1) Only 5 quotes will be sent to a potential client. After that, you cannot contact them. You have to be fairly quick to respond if you want to get your quote read. You can look at “view insights” for a particular quote and see how many pros have contacted them, how fast, and if any further action has happened.

2) There is a charge of between $3 - $5 per quote. This just depends on whether you have signed up for in person tutoring or remote, online tutoring. In Person tutoring is based on distance, but generally runs around $3. All online tutoring costs $5 per quote

3) Thumbtack will refund any quote if no one looks at your profile. If they read your quote, you won’t be charged. If someone cancels the project, you will be refunded. If the potential client takes no further action, the request will expire and you will get a refund.

4) In your profile, you can post pictures, videos, and general information about you (essentially a resume). You should post a picture of yourself and fill out the profile completely. This is where clients go if they want to research you more thoroughly.

5) You can view insights on each request after at least one other person gives a quote. The insights tell you how many people have sent quotes and if any follow-ups or contacts have been made. Insights include how fast you are to respond to a quote, if you post a $ for a quote, it compares your $ quote to the other 4 people. Timeline of what the ideal client does after viewing your quote, viewed your profile, contacted you and any follow-ups you or other Pros send back to the client.

6) You get notification if the client views your quote or profile and if they contact you. Make sure to set up notifications to go to email, phone, or text.

7) There are badges that you earn that give you money back. These are perks that earn you credit to use to send out quotes.

a) 1st quote = $5.01 of credit

b) 1st review = $5.01 of credit

c) 5 photos in your profile=$5.01 of credit

d) Sending 25 quotes = $8.35 of credit

e) Sending 50 quotes = $16.70 of credit

f) Sending 100 quotes = $25.05 of credit

g) 3 reviews = $8.25 of credit

h) 5 reviews = $16.70 of credit

i) 10 reviews = $25.05 of credit

8) You can get In Person tutoring or Online Tutoring and it is marked in the request. If you want only to do In Person Tutoring, you can set up how many miles you want to take clients quotes. Online Tutoring shows the map, City and State where the client lives.

If you found this blog helpful, please feel free to share it. My name is Terri Grigsby. I do online math tutoring and in-person tutoring in the Portland, Oregon area. I am accepting new students, check out my website at, look around, and book a tutoring session. If you have any questions, you can always contact me on my website or at

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