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How to Win Your Teacher Over Without Becoming the Teacher’s Pet.

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Does it feel like your teacher just doesn’t appreciate you? Maybe you think he doesn’t even like you? There are ways to get on your math teacher’s good side. Here’s the secret from an online math tutor. Just be yourself. Does that sound too good to be true to you? Let’s look at this idea a little more.

Be respectful of your teachers. I’m sure your parents taught you to respect adults. So, you have to act respectfully to your teachers. That doesn’t mean being all sugary sweet. This 30-year math teacher and private tutor can smell insincere talk a mile away. By respectful, I mean, talk to your teacher like a human being. Surprise, she is a human being just like you. When she asks a question or gives you a direction, try your best to follow it. If you don’t know what she is asking you to do, then go to her and ask her to explain again for you. If you need her help with something, raise your hand and ask politely.

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Get to class on time and be in your seat ready to start when the class begins. This is a great undercover way to get on your teacher’s good side. He doesn’t have to worry whether you are ready if you are always ready. Your teacher may not say anything to you, but he will take note of it. And, he won’t always be on your case telling you to sit down. Just watch how irritated your teachers get at the late and unprepared students. Flying under the radar is one of the best ways to do the right thing without becoming a teacher’s pet.

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Have your homework done at the start of class. Teachers go crazy when students are finishing their homework in class. It’s one of our pet peeves. That doesn’t mean you necessarily understand every problem. You can use this time to ask how to do the work. You can also help the other students around you understand a problem. This gets you a lot of “I’m a great student” points from the teacher without showing off in the class. Again, you’re flying under the radar on this one, but the teacher is noticing. Trust me.

I’ve done all of this and I still think the teacher doesn’t like me. Remember what I said earlier, teachers are human beings too. You need to go to the teacher and talk to her in private. Most times, it is just a misunderstanding. Maybe the teacher had something going on in their lives and it came out as frustration in the class directed at you. It could be there is something she needs you to do, like number your math problems. It could be something that small. But, if you talk to your teacher, she will think you are acting like a real adult, trying to solve an important problem you’ve been having. Watch it all get resolved after you discuss it in private.

Don’t over do your enthusiasm. You don’t want to go into teacher’s pet territory. You don’t need to give false compliments. Again, a teacher can smell that coming. Don’t offer to erase all the boards at the end of the day and announce that in class. That’s crazy. If you have to clean the boards, just show up at the end of the day and do it for him. No fuss, everyone isn’t watching, you are just helping. Wherever your enthusiasm runs for this teacher, just be sincere about it. You don’t have to yell it from the highest mountain. Just be calm, be respectful, and most importantly be yourself.

Now go out there and win over your teachers. I know you can do it!

If you found this blog helpful, please feel free to share it. My name is Terri Grigsby. I do online math tutoring and in-person tutoring in the Portland, Oregon area. I am accepting new students, check out my website at, look around, and book a tutoring session. If you have any questions, you can always contact me on my website or at

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